Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day or Present Day?

Just a short one to voice my thoughts about something. It was Mother's Day yesterday here in Malta (as in some other countries but not England, as I know they celebrated it earlier in the year). And every year when anyone mentions what they would be giving their mother on Mother's Day, I always feel that like all other feasts, this one seems to have become too commercialized. I do understand that a gift is primarily meant to show a person that you are thinking of them, as well as to show your appreciation for their role in your life. And so I do not begrudge anyone who does give gifts for every reason under the sun (or on the calendar). However I still get pretty upset at ridiculous advertising methods targeting such dates. I saw one this week for a bracelet charm of some particular posh brand, the name of which eludes me (frustrating thing for the company's marketing team). Anyways, of course I would love a charm that says 'Mother', though that wouldn't do me much good sitting in my jewellery box seeing as my bracelets barely ever see the light of day (or the glittering lights of a night out either). But come on, really, are we saying that love and affection are something to be bought in a fancy shop? I understand this kind of thing targets older children, children like me even, but I honestly believe that buying such a gift could actually mean you couldn't be bothered with other more important things you could be doing, like spending time with the mother (or obeying mum if you're still a kid). Buying your way out of Mother's Day is the way I see it.

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