Sunday, 13 April 2014

On Turning Thirty

I am turning thirty this week. Which means I turned fifteen half a lifetime ago, eek! So I thought it would be fun to come up with some comparisons between what was my life like then and now.
The almost-fifteen-year-old me was a dreamer with visions of acting in Hollywood, a big crush on Brian from Backstreet Boys and a fantasy of meeting and marrying some blue-eyed blond also preferably a foreigner (who I did meet but didn't marry after all!) I believed in myself big-time and nothing wavered my resolves. I also had a keen eye for beauty in all its forms.

The almost-thirty-year-old Gisele has visions of making writing a career, has an even more massive crush this time on Hugh Grant and is married to a non-foreigner that nonetheless has beautiful eyes in a shade of green rather than blue. I still find I stand by my beliefs but experience has not much helped my ego. I still gaze keenly at anything beautiful mostly if related to art or interiors (not so much designer-boasting interiors as more down-to-earth realistic looks, preferably with a vintage touch).
I seem not to have changed that much. What did change, I guess, is that I grew up and every grown-up knows they must face up to reality rather than live in their little bubble else once that bubble pops they will come tumbling down too hard. So I will go about my days thanking God and being happy for the office job I might love to hate, the exhausting life that is motherhood to an extra-intelligent four-year-old who's always one step ahead of me and that despite not living in my ideal fantasy, I am still somehow making it work.

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