Sunday, 20 April 2014

Dieting Trouble

And today was not just Easter but also two days after my thirtieth birthday. Leading right up to the day I must say I was very confident and happy about starting a new decade and had already started drawing up a mental list of all things to be achieved in the coming ten years. And that list included remaining on my diet with good results, which up to three days ago seemed very achievable. Not so much today when I first pounced on the appetizers then ate all three course meal apart from a couple of some kind of potatoe thingies, as well as half my son's fruit salad, at what turned out to be a surprise lunch in honour of my birthday.

It's really tough to keep to a diet when every weekend there seems to be an excuse not to. First it was visiting grandma-in-law who every Sunday evening provides all present family members (in my case not a weekly visitor) with so much food they could very easily spend the previous twenty four hours fasting in order to have enough stomach space for the feast. She invariably practically shoves the food into my face, her hearing problem a good excuse for not understanding when I've said 'no thank you'.

The following week was a tea party at my mum's full of any dieting sin possible in plain view so that it took an extra doze of will power just to stop at two (or was that three?) sausage rolls and not eat one slice of every kind of cake presented to me. And trust the following week to be a buffet birthday lunch where I must admit to not remembering just how many dangerously full plates I took to my place at the table.

It must be some kind of curse that just when you decide you must put a stop to something (in this case to my tummy's ever growing circumference) then every possible obstacle in the world will present itself to talk you out of the commitment. And so today, whilst sure I will once again not fit into my black figure-hugging Tally Weijl trousers when I return to work after a week off starting tomorrow, I sure hope that today's was the last weekend to tease me out of my resolve to get my waist back to a presentable size.

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  1. It's balance. If you're eating simple, good stuff during the week then some less healthy things at the weekend isn't so bad.

    Your choices though, don't let other people kill you with kindness!