Monday, 7 April 2014

Colour My Life Blue

Seeing as I prefer blogging about things I love more than about my day to day, I thought it only appropriate to dedicate an entry to my favourite colour blue. At first I assumed it would be difficult to come up with a passable article about a colour but once I went about my day with the thought in my mind I realized just how many things I love are coincidentally blue in some way.

Take the famous 'house with the blue door' from one of my favourite films 'Notting Hill' and add main actor Hugh Grant's mesmerizing blue eyes. Another favourite film of mine is 'Mickey Blue Eyes' (starring the same Hugh Grant) and one of my most-loved books is called 'The Blue Hour' (by Kate Thompson if you would like to have a read). Crazy as it may sound, one of my first thoughts upon the obstetrician's news that I was having a boy was that I could paint the walls of his room blue. Not to mention that said little boy is a gorgeous blond with beautiful blue eyes!

Such is my love for this colour that my living room, originally intended to have wine-coloured accessories, has lately been transformed into an area for shabby chic blue accents instead. Even the well-loved blanket on my bed is a darkish blue and the ensuite to my bedroom is also done up in light blue and white tiles with a ceiling paneled in a hazy cloudy light blue. And to top off my list with a romantic touch... One of the things I told my husband back on our first date was that my favourite colour is blue... It turned out to be a mutual preference which, even fifteen years later, is one of very few!

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