Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Pleasant Mishap

This morning I rode the bus to work, something I try to avoid like the plague as a rule but had no way out of this time. A fifteen minute wait time on the bus stop had me in a bad mood already and for the thousandth time this year I wished I could get a car (am working on that one but will be a couple of years before I am in a financial position to put down a deposit on a good though not new car).

Anyways, back to this morning and away from car fantasies, I opened my handbag to find my IPad and remembered I had a good book in my bag. So I willed the bus to come so that I could sit down comfortably (or not) with my favourite literary character Bridget Jones.

It being close to Easter and lots of children on holiday already, the usually long-winded direct bus ride lasted only a half hour, a pleasant half hour that had me deeply engrossed in my book (though not enough to fail noticing the young woman sat by my side was all the time talking to herself aloud.)

So relaxing and enjoyable was that half hour read that on the bus ride back in the afternoon I resolved to read some more. It was a truly horrible day at work and I wanted Helen Fielding to put me back in the morning's good spirits. And so she did, for I came across a passage that had me laughing so hard I couldn't stop. Nor could I stop reading so that the laughter just kept getting more out of hand until I had tears coming out of my eyes and was truly embarrassed at the uncontrollable fit! It should have taught me to be careful what books to take on the bus with me but instead it just decided me about buying more Fielding novels.

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