Friday, 14 March 2014


So I wrote down a whole list of things I should blog about, then started on an empty page with just one idea - I didn't want to blog about any of those things today! So here instead is a list of sorts... Of stupid little things that I am thinking about:

Favourite items in the home right now: a vintage clock and vintage tin bread bin, both from England, both new imitations rather than truly old stuff.

What a cool selfie my almost-four-year-old son took whilst his mum has yet to take one good photo of herself!

How cold it has turned yet again, after an unusually mild February.

The excitement of doing up just that little bit more in our maisonette, even though it is only a vanity unit and a living room wall.

Cushions... I seem to have fallen out of love with them.

The kitchen... How on earth does one manage to keep it clean?! Come to think of it, how can you keep a clean house if you're living in it?

And that's all for today, please feel free to comment and give me some advise on this last one, oh how badly I need it!

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