Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just Being Myself

I do like to write articles rather than just blab on about what goes on in my life but here is one about me and what I'm up to.
1) Have just finished reading 'Bridget Jones' Diary' (eighteen years late!) and have now started on 'Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason'.
2) Have been turning into said Bridget Jones when it comes to calorie counting... like her, this weekend I seemed more concerned with the guilt trips than actually doing something about it!
3) Very excited about how my latest attempt at writing a novel has turned into more than just an attempt. For the first time in my grown-up life, am writing a full-length novel that will eventually turn into precisely that, rather than get filed away with a dozen rewrites of a Chapter 1 and no chance of even reaching the middle of the narrative let alone the end! You will one day be able to find this one in the bookshops (positivity is key!)
4) Still on my forever quest to spruce up our home to make it more 'me' and 'us'.
5) No time for watching any film the past couple of weeks unless you count re-watching 'Johnny English' with my husband (I don't count this one as it's not on my list of films to watch) or that I re-watched 'Four Weddings and A Funeral' (which I don't count either as I was washing the floor etc rather than sitting down whilst looking at a gorgeous twenty-years-younger-than-now Hugh Grant on screen)
I must be off now, with no nagging feeling that I have not updated my blog for a few days seeing as the above is quite a legitimate entry though nothing out of the ordinary. Until next time.

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