Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dreams... 'the children of an idle mind'

I woke up in the night from some weird dream but which can't have been too unpleasant as can remember thinking of it fondly. Still with a groggy mind I thought how cool it would be if my son could be having my same dreams (I think my reasoning at that moment was then he wouldn't keep waking me up from my dreams!) As I said, I was still pretty much not thinking straight so my befuddled mind suggested we could train to do that. Train our brains to duet our dreams... I really am nuts! Anyways, a few seconds later I thought not only how bizarrely scary that would be (not to mention my dreams do have adult content) but also how I didn't want to share my dreams with anyone... It's the one thing in the world I am allowed to keep to myself.

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