Thursday, 20 March 2014

Congratulations, you made it to my bookshelf

Many a times I browse through bargain bins for books on sale, hoping to stock up on books at the ratio of some six for the normal retail price of one. In such instances I base my choice on the synopsis at the back of the book. And more times than not, my judgement fails me and I buy books that I a) leave on a bookshelf for ages before forcing myself to read or b) books that turn out to be such a bad choice I never make it through to the last page!

Another way I choose to buy/borrow books is by author. I have a better reading-to-the-end success rate for these ones but must still admit to being disappointed at times either because a second book does not live up to the previous one by same author's standard or else due to the fact that whilst one book might be an un-put-downable read, the next one by the same writer might be as boring as it can get. So here is a list of a few books that have actually passed my test and another of books that I have given up on in an attempt to be merciful to myself. Please note that the sequence in which they've been put is merely random.

The Good Ones

The Blue Hour (Kate Thompson)
The Righteous Men (Sam Bourne)
Us (Richard Mason)
Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier)
And Justice There Is None (Deborah Crombie)
Winner (Maureen O'Donoghue)
At Bertram's Hotel (Agatha Christie)

The So-Bad Ones

Fortune House (Kirsty Scott)
The Last Testament (Sam Bourne)
Passenger to Frankfurt (Agatha Christie)

Oh my, when a book is bad, bad enough to make me stop reading it, I actually even forget it's name! Hence why it is that there are so few books in my 'Hate' list.

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