Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Winner Is Born

NB - All facts listed below come from third party sites including an interview found on YouTube which features one of the actors. Picture below is a screenshot from the film.

Once upon a time, twenty years ago, there was a group of actors who spent a torturous few weeks filming a low budget English film whilst the director of said film kept whining about how he couldn't do it. Money was so short that Rowan Atkinson had to appear in two unrelated scenes as adding another actor would have been too much of a luxury for the film's accounts. Meanwhile handsome charmer Hugh Grant had to make do with a pay that would scarcely have bought him my maisonette in shell form let alone his digs in London. American leading lady Andie MacDowell forgo getting a pay at all and accepted instead to be paid in percentage points. Fast forward to the film's release and lo and behold, this 2.7 million budget film went on to take 150 million pounds at the box office, even topping the US box office charts.

I am talking about none other than Four Weddings and a Funeral, aptly called so rather than 'Charles and Chums' or 'Toffs on Heat', which I learnt were two more of the name options available. It is a film to love or hate, depending mostly I should think on personal taste. Even now, twenty years on, it shows a rebellious streak in the gay couple's true commitment, Carrie's string of one-night-stands and Charles' ultimate proposal to not get married. The script is fabulously original, the acting brilliant, the humour typically English and subtle most of the time. In fact, it is only Charles' Bermudas and Carrie's whole wardrobe that don't seem to have aged well. That said, Hugh Grant is eye-candy in whatever trousers he chooses to don.

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