Friday, 14 December 2018

Love the environment, one pencil at a time!

Ever since I was growing up there's been this awareness campaign about how we are cutting down too many trees. One of the reasons is that, especially back then, we were using up (as well as sometimes outright wasting) too much paper. I won't say we are now totally paperless but the world has come a long way since then in promoting ebooks over books, email over mail, even almost paperless offices.

One item I did use growing up that remains even now so freely available and as widely in use and that also comes from trees is the pencil. Sometimes we do need to be practical and use things after all even when they come from sources that we are trying to protect. Which is why Agara Foundation's ingenious idea of a pencil that gives back to the environment is awesome and effective all at once. Not only will it not go to waste once we are done with it, it will also enhance our environment and maybe even help children try to take care of their pencil a little more and break less of them in a year (wishful thinking?). May I also hope it entices my son to write more in order to get to the bottom of it quicker?

For this pencil can be planted once we're done with it. Inside the back end of the pencil, rather than the traditional rubber, is a capsule with herb or vegetable seeds that may be easily planted by budding young writers/gardeners alike. So what are you waiting for? Let's all get down to writing and gardening.

Pencils cost EUR0.80 each and may be bought through Agara Foundation by phoning 79005037 or 79809911

Be sure to check out Agara Foundation's Facebook page for more info about this awesome organisation:

Friday, 7 December 2018

Love Yourself First

There are a hundred and one love songs and a hundred others about lost love. Actually, multiply those figures by some other big number in order to cover just how many songs have been spun around the topic.

I believe in Love. Truly, I do. It fills my days, nights, thoughts and is amazing and necessary to a healthy happy life. Love comes in all forms, as Rockabye (Clean Bandit), The Perfect Fan (Backstreet Boys), Papa Don’t Preach (Madonna) and so many other songs show. In fact, the Greeks explained it best when they broke down the different types of love to more accurately describe them. We have all experienced Philia love, hopefully feel an Agape love for those close to us, and might thrive on a wonderful relationship with a partner that embodies all three kinds, including Eros.

Why am I saying all this? I am no stranger to love and I would never say it is unimportant. However somehow all these love songs irritate me. Just like I once pointed out that gift-giving is not a true indicator of the greatness of the love of a parent for their child, so I must now comment on the absurdity of lyrics that proudly advocate that without that other person we are nothing.

We are ourselves and no one else. Love is important, love fills us with happiness and definitely sharing life with our perfect partner gives a satisfaction that can’t be described or quantified. However we should be whole in ourselves and let Love come as a compliment to our Wholeness rather than let it be a requirement for us to become whole.

A friend of mine tried to tell me this over and over for months on end. I denied ‘needing’ love, I tried to disilllusion myself and him that I was fine without, that I only wanted to meet my ‘match’ to thrive. A keyword that. THRIVE. Even as I tried (and probably failed) to convince him I was fine, I told myself how wrong he was and how I knew so much more than him about love.

It turned out not. When after a tumultuous year and a legal marital separation I moved out to live on my own for the first time ever, I finally found myself. Slowly, piece by piece, I put it all back together as I learnt to accept to forgive myself for my past mistakes, allow myself to be vulnerable and meet new people who seemed like they would be good for me (and actually were!) and slowly flowered from a wreck that needed herbal calming pills to sleep or at times even to face workmates and my mother, to someone who is sure of herself and Whole within herself. More than ‘Need’, now it is a ‘Want’ for love that I have, and then only with my perfect partner. I stopped clutching at straws. I have stopped looking at people with ‘tinted glasses’ as someone pointed out to me more than once. I know who I am, I know what I want, and I am happy in myself. Love is wonderful yes, gives joy and all things amazing too when it is the ‘right’ kind of love for us. And yet Love is so perfectly delicious only if we are already in love with ourselves first. I have finally learnt that my friend.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Ghosts of Christmas Past - An Event Not To Miss!

DLS Productions in collaboration with Symphusion are going to rock the theatre down this Season as they bring you a performance that will defy all traditions yet still give a hygge Christmas feel.

It is a tale from times gone by and around this festive time, where four actors narrate the story of one loving mother who wants the best for her son, even when that means giving him up. Set in any land our imaginative mind desires, this is a journey that sees actors, dancers, solo singers, a choir and a ten piece band all come together to make magic. They will seamlessly fuse classical, Christmas and rock music with theatre as well as an important message for this special time of year.

This grandiose show will run from the 13th to 16th of December at the Valletta Campus - University of Malta Theatre (ex-MITP).

The show has loud music and moving lights. It is open to and appropriate for all audiences aged three and over. The venue is accessible by wheelchair.

Tickets are available at the price of EUR20 and EUR25 and can be bought online through

Ghosts of Christmas Past is an original concept by Stefan Farrugia, written and directed by Lucienne Camilleri.

The show is supported by: Rock ’N Malta Fund, Festivals Malta, The University of Malta - School of Performing Arts, RVC Event Lighting and Nisga Digital Media & Design