Friday, 23 August 2019

Interview with an Author and two amazing books to check out

Author Amanda Rose
I first met Amanda Rose on one of multiple Law of Attraction groups that are on Facebook. We got chatting and when I said I really struggle with Past Conditioning, she suggested a book I should read. Apparently she had written it herself!

Now usually I don’t like people shoving their own goods and services up my face because who would ever make bad advertising for their own brand, right? However I was at a point where I was struggling so hard with this issue and it seemed the only stumbling block to manifesting the whole of my life as I want it so I thought trying out her book couldn’t hurt after all.

Well it didn’t. Rather, it actually helped me so much in my life, not only with learning exactly how the past conditions us but also with setting my intentions very clearly and even with my gratitude practices that have helped me greatly to achieve a better happier energy, deal with the sh*t that still can happen in my days and to even yes, manifest things and situations more easily through being in the right vibrational frequency thanks to the gratitude overdose.

Here is a short interview with the fabulous author of Manifesting On Purpose and Manifesting Money:

I read that although you grew up with parents who believed in the Law of Attraction, you still needed to find your own way to it as a grown up to make it really work for you. Could you elaborate on that?

My parents were into all things new age, tarot, crystals, meditating, auras, etc. so spirituality was something I was very familiar with. The idea behind Law of Attract, the energy of it, was part of that. My mother loved reading books from people like Louis Hay and Esther & Jeremy Hicks, making those thoughts very prevalent. In my teenage years I struggled with depression and anorexia, a very devastating period of my life mentally and physically. After that going to college, getting into the work space, and the general responsibility of adulthood weighed down on me. I wasn’t making time for spirituality. I had big goals and I was ready to work for them, but internally, my mindset was set for failure.

It took a lot of struggling before I finally turned back to personal development and manifestation for guidance. Once I did, my whole life changed. Within 6 months I manifested over 6-figures and I embarked on a journey of paying it forward, which led to me becoming an author.

From fitness guru, actress, mindset coach to writing books both fiction and non-fiction. So, why writing?

I’ve always written. I wrote my first book when I was 16 (Fire Fury Freedom). I have always been best able to describe my thoughts in words.

Having read both Manifesting on Purpose and Manifesting Money, I can vouch on the credibility of your way of teaching the Law of Attraction. You have a way of helping people get into the right mindset so that from then on, it is all ‘them’. I have myself tried countless times to suggest Gratitude and Belief to people but all they do is brush me off and continue on their neutral or negative course. So what’s your magic?

I think we’re all ready to grow in our own time. If we’re not open to it we’ll push it away and stay stuck. Sometimes it comes from hitting a point of being so frustrated with the same old struggle that we finally make a change, other times a major event, like a near death experience, can wake us up.

On the application side of it, gratitude, visualization, affirmations etc. are great tools, but they aren’t the whole thing. We see people talk about law of attraction only discussing these tools but these only work on the conscious level, but the real work, the real alchemy of it, comes from within our subconscious. What are your core beliefs? They will dictate the results. First work on that, then use the tools.

What’s your elevator pitch to skeptics to give your Manifesting series of books a try?

I’m a naturally curious person, so for me if I’m skeptical I’ll try it to see if it works. We don’t know what we don’t know. I always encourage people to find out for themselves.

Both the above-mentioned books may be easily bought off through the following links:


Monday, 12 August 2019

Presenting a chance to become a Comely and Confident YOU

Only a few years ago, my wardrobe was a mess. My life was a mess. If anyone asked me what I realistically wanted to do with my life, I had no idea. Because when there is clutter around you, you cannot think straight. Every single thing around you takes up brain power when it is within eyesight as does the very thought of the bulging cupboards you don't really wanna have to open! Also, every time you open your wardrobe and think 'I have nothing to wear', you lower your positivity level and add to those little frustrations of life, the ones that add up. Thankfully, I banished the clutter monster from my life and so can you. Through years of research and experimentation on myself and my home, I perfected a method that makes clutter a thing of the past and both myself and my home are a testament that you and your space can truly be Comely and Confident if you wish!

Most often it is people with a zillion outfits sitting in maybe even multiple wardrobes and spilling out of their bedroom that complain they haven't really got anything to wear to the particular occasion. Why? It could be for a multitude of reasons but mostly the result of years of impulse buys, not giving proper thought to what you are actually buying, hoarding 'just in case' outfits or ones that belong to your former self or the 'fantasy' self you aspire to. Add to these those outfits that cost you way too much money to admit you don't really like or want them, the ones with sentimental value, and the fashion must-haves that clearly don't suit your shape, and you end up with a bulging wardrobe that is screaming for the kind of attention you feel you 'don't have time for': the tender loving care to go through it seriously and with an open mind, removing what you don't really want in order to enjoy more that which actually remains.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of people in the first world countries tend to wear 20% of their clothes for 80% of the time. This is, in my opinion, a pure waste of space, of clutter in from of your eyes and of money uselessly spent too. You cannot retrieve money already 'wasted' but you can learn how to avoid any more wastage in the future. Just like you can learn to always buy items that will fit you to a T, never repeat a mistake buy, and even make opening up your wardrobe a joy any time you want to select an outfit, be it to go shopping, a first date or a day in your career. I am not asking you to become Minimalist, though kudos to those that will go there. All I am asking is that you present to the world and most importantly to yourself, a Comely and Confident YOU.

My wardrobe method changed my image, my confidence, my attraction level, as you can see in the pics I am posting below. And I am offering to show you, for only EUR75 for the base session, a way to take my one-on-one course once and never again feel the pain of having to find your style or 'what to wear'.

So click on the link below right now and message me for more details on the Facebook page. I promise you won't regret it:

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below)

Friday, 9 August 2019

Plan B? No Way!

Many people have a Plan B. It is somehow considered a survival skill I guess. If you don’t succeed at something, then try something else. If you are unable to get your hands on something, then buy its substitute. If chicken’s not on the menu, you might want to try the fish.

You might be arguing that of course it is a good thing to have a Plan B! Things after all don’t always go as planned and a Plan B is better than no plan at all. However I am not saying that you should have ‘no plan at all’. Rather, I’m saying ‘Don’t have a Plan B.’

Why B? It is your secondary choice. The one you would very well give up if only you could get your Plan A to work. So truly, your B can never bring as much joy, freedom, or whatever else you are looking for, as your A. Your B will never be more than just ‘good enough’.

So how about having multiple Plan As instead? Alternate Plans that will do just as well and no less than your original one?

Sam Claflin once said that acting was his Plan B. After all, his primary dream was to become a professional football player. Circumstances (in this case a broken ankle) dictated that Plan A was not on the cards any more, however hard he wanted it to be. But honestly, I would never call his plan to pursue drama a Plan B, because he puts so much zest, energy, caring, gym hours and immersive research, into his roles that I am sure he is having a blast doing it. So I guess his was another Plan A after all?

Always have a plan. Or two, or a hundred. But always ensure to have all your Plan As at the ready. NEVER, and I mean NEVER settle for a Plan B, which is telling your mind outright that it is not what you wanted it to B.